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Scicognos is a startup expert in Artificial Intelligence consulting and training. The company is focused on solutions in data science and machine learning with applications in the engineering, healthcare and financial services sectors.

Speech Analysis

Voice Analysis and Transcription Solutions using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence techniques.

Time Series Analysis

Data Analysis and Forecasting using advanced time series methods.


Chatbot solutions with advanced lexical and semantic analysis techniques.

Natural Language Processing

Various solutions using natural language processing to solve problems of classifying text, extraction of named entities, abstract and generation of texts.

Some Interisting Facts

Scicognos has expertise in various fields in artificial intelligence. Its specialists are engaged in scientific and corporate activities.


Matías Álvarez - Research at Human Molecular Genetics Laboratory

Bnviewer for R has been extremely useful in my research developing Bayesian Networks of Signal Transduction Pathways in Cancer. It has the ability to show you in an intuitive and interactive way the complexity that structural learning algorithms learn from data. When you are working on domains were interpretability it's so important as is the case in Genomics, visualization takes a fundamental role for understanding the field. SCICOGNOS it's doing a pretty good job for helping the scientific community to publish more clear and understandable research papers.

Vinod Kumar - Program Manager at Amazon

In the game changing field of Data Analytics, constant bombardment of data can be difficult to look through. Even if one cleanses it, explains it through numbers, the best of the clients still expects a visual explanation. This is where the bnviewer package has come to rescue. This helps to explain a complex Bayesian model through dangling colorful arcs and nodes which in itself is visual treat. Makes it simpler for end users to know the strength too and the draggable node feature has been a super hit. Thanks SCICOGNOS for all the effort and keep up the good work.

Yinqiao Fan - Senior Data Scientist at Microsoft

bnviewer is the best R package to visualize the Bayesian Network. It is auto-scalable and interactive. Thanks SCICOGNOS for contributing such a great source to the R community.

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AI Technologies

Scicognos has expertise in the most advanced artificial intelligence technologies for developing cognitive solutions


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